© 2020 by Kathleen Ayers.

This past summer, I had the opportunity to be a part of the photo crews for two Portland-area music festivals: Pickathon and Wildwood.

Wildwood 2018 was my first experience with festival photography, and I had a blast. While the setting was largely the same this year (I had the exact same shift, in sunny daytime weather), I can see that my photography has improved this year. In 2018, my shots largely tried to capture the whole band on stage. This year, I was much more interested in close up shots - hands playing electric guitars/keys/banjos, or singers belting it out into the mic.

This style of photography carried over into Pickathon, which I photographed just a few weeks later. Pickathon is a much, much larger festival than Wildwood; however, my specific photo crew got to shoot private shows where artists were recording songs in the woods to go on the Pickathon You Tube channel. I got to experience some very intimate moments with some famous artists - most notably, my final session was with Nathaniel Rateliff. Seeing some of these bands in such a small setting propelled me into immediate fandom - for example, Helena Deland, Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno are two bands I photographed, had never heard of before, and were some of my favorite performers coming out of Pickathon.

I've found that music festivals can really expand my musical horizon. Festival coordinators are curating a multi-day concert with bands to match certain styles that they believe their audience will like. I've found some amazing music this way. I'm excited that I can use my skill in photography to gain such awesome access to bands and music, and a weekend of total fun! Big shout out & thanks to all of the volunteers that make these festivals possible!

My music festival portfolio is now live at thekathleenayers.com/music , and look out for my photos on the Pickathon & Wildwood websites and social media!

Nathaniel Rateliff - On The Farm Session - Pickathon 2019

Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno - On The Farm Session - Pickathon 2019

Helena Deland - EDGE Session - Pickathon 2019

I had the opportunity to photograph the Seattle Public Library as part of an outing with Photo Club PDX (PCPDX). Along with 10 other photographers, I was granted free range of the library after it was closed to the public and completely emptied of patrons. The library itself is a fascinating architectural feat and a popular tourist destination in Seattle. To learn more about the design of the Seattle Public Library, I recommend taking a look at the first half of this TED Talk, given by the building's architect.

Thematically in conjunction with this outing, the PCPDX challenge of the month was to create a series of 4 photos that explored textures within man-made structures - "Architexture". Because I had viewed photos of the library prior to visiting it, when I was physically at the library I tried to focus on making photos that were more unique (another blog post soon to come!). I felt that the architectural photos were probably overdone, and that I could be more creative. In person, though, the building demands that you at least take a few photos of it - leading lines galore, icy blue hues, horizontal/vertical/diagonal lines creating amazing shapes all over the ceiling. So of course, I took a few architectural photos, which actually turned out being very interesting upon further inspection during my editing process. This series of four photos is what I submitted for the PCPDX challenge, shown separately first, then as a series of four cohesive photos.