Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Project Statement:

Man-kind gets a bad rap these days in relation to nature. Global warming, suburban sprawl, hurricanes, forest fires…the list of negative impacts goes on. But what about the nature-loving humans out there fighting to preserve and maintain the environment? Why can’t we hear more about the positive ways that humans have contributed to nature? Human/Nature highlights man-made structures—bridges, houses, benches, fences, pathways—that were built with intention. An intention not of harm or destruction, but of minimal impact, and perhaps even a contribution of additional beauty and emotion to a landscape. These structures exist peacefully and harmoniously with their natural environment. Their purpose is to bring humans closer to nature—for example, they allow us to cross a river, to hike deeper into the woods, or to have a seated lunch while observing the beauty of our surroundings. The purpose of the Human/Nature collection is to remind us of the oneness between humans and the environment. I want to change the thought of “Man vs. Nature” to "Man in Unison with Nature," and remind the viewer of our responsibility to respect the earth.

Artist Statement:

I am constantly captivated by the beauty of the United States and the diversity of its landscape from state to state. I am in love with our National Parks, and I look for any opportunity to explore nature with my camera. My photos are meant to capture the essence of a scene as I saw it with my own eyes, with relatively minimal artistic enhancements. I want the viewer to feel as though they are hiking along with me. I hope that my work inspires others to get outside and observe the power and beauty of nature.