Portland Spring - Tulips

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

A short time after my return to Portland, the sun returned, too. Slowly spring began to arrive and colors like I've never experienced began bursting all over Portland. Described by a friend as a psychedelic experience without drugs, I did not believe it until actually experiencing it with my own eyes. The east coast springs in recent years have come and gone so quickly. I am thoroughly enjoying (and grateful) to be experiencing such a prolonged spring here in Portland. The mid-60s-70s weather, sunshine...the rain is behind us. So when I'm deep in the rain next winter, I need to remember the magnificence of the spring to come!

These photos were taken at Wooden Shoe Tulip farm on an overcast weekday. Weekends at this hot tourist spot bring hours and hours of traffic for those who try to brave it on a weekend. I took advantage of my free days to enjoy a mostly empty farm and nice cloudy light. Enjoy!