Road Trip Collection Release 4: Sun & Sky

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

"Isn't it awesome that our sunset is another person's sunrise?" - A most beautiful thought from my friend Kendahl as we were watching the sunset in Bend <3

I was slow to put together this collection, which is odd because I saved it for last, and I presumed that it would be the most exciting of the bunch. Sunsets and sunrises are inherently beautiful, I think most people could agree. Sunsets are also photographed all of the time. I think as I went through my photos, I had a hard time finding the 'wow-factor' because I knew what a sunset looked like, and many of the colors were similar place to place. In my other collections, the water features, trees, and rocks presented surprising landscapes and had an element of uniqueness with every park and state I traveled to.

In my previous releases, I made a conscious decision not to do much editing on my photos. I added hints of contrast, saturation, and cropping, but overall I kept my touch-ups limited to keep the essence of the photo the same as what I saw with my eyes. The Sun & Sky collection, on the other hand, presented me with an opportunity to create more intrigue with edits, and so I took artistic license on these photos to enhance, and sometimes alter, the original scene. My intention was not to create an image so far from real life that it was unrecognizable, but to find ways to inspire emotion and create my own 'wow-factor'. In the end, I think this choice rewarded me with another beautiful and interesting collection of photos, and I also improved my editing skills by playing with new features.

An example of my lightroom edits for Sun & Sky.

That said, I in no means want to discredit the sunsets I saw. Watching the sun set each evening was a ritual for me on the road. In our every day lives, especially now that winter is upon us, many of us barely even see daylight let alone the sunset. On the road, however, the sun provided evening entertainment. Each night, even if I went to the same place, the colors and the clouds were always different. There is always a sense of drama and a hint of sadness watching the sun dip below the horizon. Many people leave once the sun is gone...that's like leaving a play at intermission, not realizing there is a second half! To me, the best colors light up the sky after the sun has disappeared from view--the colors begin to melt, soften, and get richer and deeper. So next summer, where ever you are, Google 'best sunset viewing spots near me', find a high spot that faces west, and stay. Stay as long as you can (perhaps even bring a headlamp!) and savor this magnificent part of nature that we are fortunate to be able to witness, if we so choose, every single day.

Thanks so much for any and all of you who have followed along with my road trip posts. I hope you enjoy Sun & Sky! Peace - Kathleen

Self-timer of me, with the east to my back, in the soft light after the sun had set at the Grand Canyon.