Road Trip Collection Release 1: Trees

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

“Going to the woods is going home.” – John Muir

Trees Olympic National Park
Me, hanging out with some awesome trees in Olympic National Park. Self-timer. September 2018.

Of all the elements of nature, trees top my list of favorites. When I am deep in the woods, I feel at home and protected among trees. I grew up in northern New Jersey in an area rich with parks and nature trails. Hiking through these trails, my dad would often pause and remark, "Look how tall and straight that tree is!" For much of my life, I'm sure I rolled my eyes at his commentary, but secretly, I love the tall, straight trees just as much as he does. Trees are old and wise, deeply rooted in the earth (quite literally), and so diverse in their shapes, sizes, and colors. Across the United States, I saw trees change with the land they inhabit. I love the lush, furry, bright green moss that grows on the trees in the Pacific Northwest. I love the way the little leaves of aspen trees shimmer like sequins in the wind. I love watching light stream through trees early in the morning, and then capturing the silhouettes of trees against the sunset at night.

"Trees" is the first release in my Road Trip Collection series, showcasing some of the beautiful trees I witnessed on the the road. The next time you are near a tree, take some time to appreciate a book or have a picnic next to a tree, take a picture, give it a hug! Trees are awesome, and they add so much beauty to our earth.


Trees Manti-La Sal National Forest
Aspen tree selfie. Manti-La Sal National Forest. June 2018.