Seattle Library After Hours

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

I had the opportunity to photograph the Seattle Public Library as part of an outing with Photo Club PDX (PCPDX). Along with 10 other photographers, I was granted free range of the library after it was closed to the public and completely emptied of patrons. The library itself is a fascinating architectural feat and a popular tourist destination in Seattle. To learn more about the design of the Seattle Public Library, I recommend taking a look at the first half of this TED Talk, given by the building's architect.

Thematically in conjunction with this outing, the PCPDX challenge of the month was to create a series of 4 photos that explored textures within man-made structures - "Architexture". Because I had viewed photos of the library prior to visiting it, when I was physically at the library I tried to focus on making photos that were more unique (another blog post soon to come!). I felt that the architectural photos were probably overdone, and that I could be more creative. In person, though, the building demands that you at least take a few photos of it - leading lines galore, icy blue hues, horizontal/vertical/diagonal lines creating amazing shapes all over the ceiling. So of course, I took a few architectural photos, which actually turned out being very interesting upon further inspection during my editing process. This series of four photos is what I submitted for the PCPDX challenge, shown separately first, then as a series of four cohesive photos.